WHC ENERGY SERVICES, a trusted pioneer in the pipeline construction industry, continues to be the contractor of choice to fulfill the needs of America’s leaders in energy transportation and generation.

History and innovation create a culture that offers an unsurpassed ability to deliver safe and successful completions of pipeline, facility, maintenance, and renewable energy projects.

Collaboration and commitment to service affords our clients peace of mind, profitability, compliance, and industry recognition.

WHC’s team of leading industry experts will help you construct, rebuild, or remove any pipeline or facility project across the USA.

The difference between WHC and other companies is our long-term relationships with our customers. It is the relationships among the superintendents, foremen, and field craftsmen that provide the required labor needed to successfully complete projects. Finally, it is the relationships between the company and its vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors that allow the pricing advantages necessary to remain competitive.


Safety First!

WHC is proud of their dedication to safety. Our TRIR number for 2019 is 0.28

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Natural Gas Supply

Did you know that 98% of natural gas comes from the U.S.?

Pipelines to the Moon

If all the natural gas pipelines in the U.S. were connected to each other they would stretch to and from the moon almost three times!

48″ Pipeline Diameter

WHC is proud to specialize in construction of pipelines up to 48″ in diameter.



At WHC Energy Services, we pride ourselves on setting the standard
in safety within the pipeline construction and management field.

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We recognize that every pipeline installation is different. Our experience and versatility allow us to complete complex projects safely and efficienty.

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From environmental and regulatory considerations to safety and application, WHC constructs the facilities that support pipeline operations.

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WHC provides a full range of maintenance support to ensure a safe, compliant, and well-maintained pipeline for every project.

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Renewable Energy

From early development through construction to restoration, WHC provides the expertise for building complex, renewable energy facilities.

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