Certainty, Efficiency, and Safety throughout the project lifecycle.


With today’s demanding environment to serve our client needs, WHC now offers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services. Our licensed engineering professionals provide project oversight in safety, compliance, and conceptual design; partnering with industry accredited engineering companies we offer a full range of services – design engineering, project and program management, procurement, logistics and construction. As a legacy oil & gas construction company since 1957, WHC can provide total turnkey solutions focused on schedule, budget and project controls for pipeline, facilities, and renewable energy projects.



Having a fully integrated engineering and construction team working together is the best of both worlds. The benefits of turnkey solutions allow for “best field practices” to be incorporated into the conceptual design, making the process more efficient.

Benefits include:

  • Single point of accountability
  • Owner transfers interface management risks to EPC contractor
  • Enhanced constructability drives down cost
  • Integrated flow of information and communication
  • Aligned interests and common project goals
  • Efficient project execution with condensed project schedule

By carefully defining the end product, needs and expectations early in the process, we set shared goals, forming a cohesive bond that is maintained throughout the project.

The TEAM approach created between project owners and our professional staff establishes a foundation for the safe, successful, and efficient execution of the project.